Hello world!

My name is Bootoomee.  Welcome to my blog.

I am an Electrical Engineer, an IT professional and an Educator.

I am married to a wonderful woman and we are blessed with a deliciously feisty set of twin girls.

I am crazy about Arsenal Football Club. I am a positive and optimistic Gooner. I believe in Arsene Wenger even though I admit that he makes mistakes.

I am not religious but I hold a very strong and mostly negative views of religion. You may not like what you read about religion here. Other than showing logical flaws and hypocrisy of religions, I shall make no attempt to deliberately offend any faith or its adherents.

I am liberal about 90% of the time. I am fairly conservative on discipline and parenting. I am 100% pragmatic, however. My preferred position on any issue is the position that will yield the best result. I am guided by common sense and logic; not ideology.

What you’ll read here are my thoughts, opinions and ideas on issues that I care about. Where I may cause offense, I apologise as I am wholly responsible for my mistakes. I shall go to extra-ordinary lengths to give credit to those it is due whenever I use the work of others. In case I fail to do this, kindly notify me in the comments (info on the original sources shall be highly appreciated) and prompt amends shall be made.

Read, enjoy (or endure?) and please, please, please leave a comment if you can. Thank you.